Salvation Army

The Salvation Army began its work in London, England, in 1865 when William Booth, a minister, abandoned the conventional concept of a church and a pulpit and took his message of hope to the poor, the homeless, the hungry and the destitute. By 1867 The Salvation Army had developed into a ministry offering basic schooling, reading rooms, penny banks, soup kitchens and relief aid to the destitute. Since then, the Salvation Army has continued to serve Canadians.

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From July 1-5, 2015, more than 15,000 (1,000 from Canada) Salvation Army members and friends united in London, England, at the Boundless Congress to celebrate 150 years of bringing help and hope to the world’s most vulnerable.

The Salvation Army is currently active in 128 countries with a mission to meet human needs, without discrimination, be transforming influences and promote the dignity of all persons.