Eva Rothwell Centre

At the Eva Rothwell Resource Centre at Robert Land, we’re unabashed champions and cheerleaders for some of Hamilton’s best kids. We’re a home for innovative programs and services that are helping to make the Keith Neighbourhood an even better place to raise a child.  We’re in the business of inspiring bigger dreams and realizing unlimited potential.

The Eva Rothwell Resource Centre officially opened in December 2006 when we took possession of the former Robert Land School. For 90 years, the elementary school had been the heart and hub of the neighbourhood.

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When the school closed in 2004, a team of proud North End neighbours and concerned citizens rallied together. They shared a common goal of buying the school, transforming it into a much-needed community centre and reopening Robert Land’s doors to the entire neighbourhood.

In short order, the Robert Land Community Association enlisted the support of generous community partners who invested their money, shared their expertise and volunteered their time to give back to residents the hub and heart of their neighbourhood.

Today, the Eva Rothwell Resource Centre is home to an ever-growing number of programs and services that are helping to improve the quality of life and enhance the social well-being for the Keith Neighbourhood — home of some of the city’s best kids.